Upload directly to our servers

  1. Go to http://bostonphotoupload.com. It will open in a new window.
  2. Click on Register, enter the required fields
  3. Click Register at the bottom (an e-mail will be sent to you verifying your username and password for reference)
To now upload your file(s), click on Main Menu

  1. Click Order
  2. You may re-enter fields here if any information has changed
  3. Scroll down to Individual File Upload
  4. Click Browse next to “Image File 1”
  5. Select the file you would like to send. You may send up to 5 files at a time, one per box.
  6. Fill in the Ordering Information Special Instructions box with all pertinent information, including print sizes and finish, or call us at 617.267.4086 to discuss the options for your order.
  7. Click Order
  8. You’re finished!

Our friends in fine art

Ibriham Ali-Salaam (painter)
Michael Bogdanow (painter)
Robert Bolster (painter)
Anita Cohen (painter)
Marie Consindas (photographer)
Lisa Graf (painter)
Ari Hauben (digital media artist)
Faith Hyde (painter)
Norman Laliberte (painter)
Garrett Mclean (photographer)
Erin McGee (painter)
Pauli-Uribe (architects)
Margaret Shepherd (calligrapher)
Margaret Small (pastel artist)
David Stern (photographer)
Bill. St. George (painter)
Guy Telemaque (photographer)
Gretchen Treves (painter)
Susan Quateman (painter)

How to: prepare files for dye sublimation

Because our tiles and panels come in standard sizing, we advise that you prepare your image files with the appropriate dimensions to ensure that the print is a success. Our tiles and panels are 4x4", 6x6", 6x8", 8x10", and you can special-order larger sizes of aluminum panel up to 12x18".

To fit your image onto a tile, it is best to add 1/10" on the long side and the short side of the picture. This way, the image can extend entirely across the surface of the tile or panel.


If you want to print a 6x8" tile, your file should actually be 6.1x8.1" in order to produce a full-bleed print on the substrate.

More Sample work

Flash is required to view image detail!

Faith Hyde Jamie Jamison

Howie Green Robert Bolster Ari Hauben

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